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Percival and Boogie
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Jimmy Valiant

To each and every one of my readers, my friends and their families, I extend my hand in friendship and wish every one of you a very Merry Christmas from my home to yours. May you be blessed with all that you wished for. Remember to leave cookies and milk for Santa.--Percival

This week’s column deals with a down to earth guy that I have known for the better part of 40 years. He and I met when we were in our infancy in the wrestling business. I was wrestling and hauling the ring for the Great Lakes territory, and Jimmy had just completed training under the watchful eyes of Luis "Ariba" Martinez in Chicago.

He came to the Detroit area after a very good run in the Midwest as both a single and a tag team wrestler. He was known as Handsome Jimmy Valiant and battled his way into many main events. His presence was best felt when he went to the old WWWF and became partners with Johnny Valiant (John Sullivan) of Boston. Under the skilled management of The Grand Wizard (Ernie Roth), they captured the entire Northeast territory and traveled in a stretch limo.

Jimmy Valiant, known by all his friends as "Boogie", was a consummate body builder in his early years. He trained in a gym under the guiding hands of former World Champion Bobby Managoff. He would watch some of the older professional wrestlers come into the weight room and do sets of exercises using both weights and isometrics. He befriended a few of them, and, soon, he was training on the mats.

When he broke into the wrestling business, he was around the 250-260 pound range, and he was ripped. This added to his knowledge of holds and counters that had been taught to him. He was an instant sensation wherever he went because he cared about fans and their support. It didn't matter to the fans if he was a rough-style or clean-cut wrestler, they all cheered him on.

His career lasted 40 years, and he had seen a lot of the world during that time. During the past 12 or so years, he has dedicated EVERY Sunday from 12-4 p.m. as BWC time at his wrestling complex high in the majestic Virginia mountains near Shawsville, just off I-81 at mile marker 118.

He and Angel, his lovely wife, have produced over 200 graduates through their wrestling camp. They are very proud of their commitment and dedication to keeping the old school of wrestling very much alive. Each and every student is treated like a member of their family, and they, in turn, honor Boogie and Angel as their adopted parents.

Recently, Boogie and Angel have taken on a very tough opponent, and that was putting 40 years of Boogie's career into book form. I will urge each of my readers to write to Boogie and get your copy of this fine piece of journalism. It has over 500 pages in it with many pictures and road stories, along with personal tales told by the master himself.

If you visit , you will see the notice about the book just released and you can surf around in his website that contains many points of interest. He also has many items that are only available from the website.


Boogie's book

Here is the notice...

“Woo….Mercy Daddy! Welcome to my world.” This autobiography is a must read for true wrestling fans.

Come read of a man who rose from humble Tennessee beginnings to legendary international superstardom in professional wrestling. One of a select few WWE Hall of Famers.

Before Hulk Hogan, before Ric Flair, before The Rock, there was "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant. Indulge yourself in his intriguing tales of the dark side of professional wrestling. Read about one of the most charismatic true wrestling icons to ever climb into a ring … none other than the Boy from New York City. Get an intimate glimpse at Valiant’s personal life and his relationships with other wrestlers, friends, family and fans.

Handsome Jimmy was a classic villain during the sixties and seventies and was one of wrestling’s top box office draws. In the eighties and nineties he reinvented himself to become the ultimate crowd pleaser. Watch his transformation from Handsome Jimmy to the Boogie Woogie Man and the carnage left behind from the wild bloody brawls. Jimmy Valiant was perhaps the most colorful bad-good guy character in mat history, influencing the likes of "Superstar" Billy Graham, Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Diamond Dallas Page, plus, many more.

He is a worldwide celebrity and one of the most famous and beloved entertainers in wrestling history. He has captured the hearts of wrestlers and fans alike, which may be his greatest achievement. Jimmy Valiant made an imprint on the world of professional wrestling unequaled to any other.

One thing that you can say about this kind, generous, loving and awesome man is “If you become a friend of Jimmy Valiant you become a friend for life.” That statement alone says so much about his character.

The Jimmy Valiant experience was forty years in the making and will motivate and encourage you. It takes examples of his personal and professional life and shows how to stay positive through the bad and often challenging times.

Jimmy has done things his way throughout his forty-year career in the wrestling business by being a little different from the rest. He stood out and thrilled fans from all walks of life. Believe me, this book is a movie in the making.

“Would I do it all over again? What do you think? I loved every second of it. The business was good to me. It was more than I could’ve ever imagined.”

The only way that fans can get a copy is from me personally either here at my home address at


2916 Alleghany Springs Road

Shawsville, VA 24162

or through my site. The U.S. price if ordered on site is $35.00 + $10.00 S&H. Total $45.00 money order only payable to Jimmy Valiant. Or, it can be purchased at BWC any Sunday from 12 'til 4 p.m. for only $35.00. Either way it will be personally autographed. The book has 566 pages. Titled "Woo...Mercy Daddy! Welcome To My World The Jimmy Valiant Story." Written by WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Valiant with Angel

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