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Captain Mike & Lorrie Polwektow
Captain Mike Polwektow and his wife Lorrie at a CAC gathering. Percival: "Mike is a great friend and runs a travel agency on the west coast. As a fan, Mike has been to a lot of CAC events and enjoys himself a lot."

Tolos Brothers -- Conclusion

When I left you last…

Bobo Brazil and I had left Benton Harbor to go to Mansfield, Ohio. We arrived at around 7 p.m., went straight to our dressing room, and began to get ready for our evening's labor.

I was in the opener with Gordon Nelson against the Love Brothers. Bobo was in the Main Event with Chris Tolos … a match that had been made only two weeks before.

Bobo had made it clear to Bob Willer that he didn't like what Chris Tolos had done to me as an announcer, and that he was going to do something about him tonight, and then threw him out of the dressing room.

I saw a side of Bobo that I had never seen before. He calmly turned to me as he sat down and asked if I was OK. I said yes, and he began to ready himself.

The opening match was not one I really wanted to be involved in, as the Love Brothers were a pair of guys that you didn't want to look at wrong, let alone face in a match. Gordon Nelson, my partner, was not familiar with the Love Brothers and began the match. He was nearly beaten out of his tights in the first fall and succumbed to the Love Brothers' attack. I tried to start the second fall, but the referee, Frankie Diamond, wouldn't let me. In a burst of energy that I never knew existed in his body, Gordon sprung away from the Love Brothers and tagged me in. I went wild and started throwing dropkicks and right and left fists and ended up grabbing Reginald Love in my favorite sleeper hold and putting his lights out. The crowd went crazy, and we nearly had a few of them in the ring. The third fall went the entire time limit, and the bout was declared a draw. It was one of the toughest bouts I had been into yet. Those Love Brothers deserve every bit of the accolades that can be sent their way.

When I returned to the dressing room, Bobo was into a real healthy workout. Deep knee bends ... pushups ... sit-ups … and most of all, getting his mind focused on what had to be. Conditioning was something that Bobo thrived on; no matter where he was, Bobo stayed in great shape. Chris Tolos was not a pushover … he was also not as easy as most had thought.

The bell had rung for the Main Event, and Bobo left the dressing room and headed for the ring. Fans throughout the auditorium cheered and applauded for him as he came down that long aisle toward the battle of his life. Chris Tolos had been in the ring, pacing back and forth, swinging his arms from side to side. He was kicking at the ropes and turnbuckles, yelling out to anybody who would listen that, in fact, he was the Golden Greek, and that he wanted tougher competition.

Bobo finally reached the ring and took off the beautiful brocaded and sequined ring jacket that had the initials BB on the front and handed it to the time keeper. The beautiful gold U.S. Championship Belt hung around his waist, and a light burst of sweat was already starting to cover his huge body. He tore the belt from his waist and handed it to Bob Willer to hold.

The bell rang to start the one fall match, and all H*** broke loose, as Bobo charged Tolos, took him to the mat, and started beating the BEEGEEBERS out of Tolos. He finally grabbed Chris in a punishing arm bar, and I thought, as I watched from the rear, I have never seen Bobo this mad before. I began to feel sorry for Tolos in a moment of thought, but then I remembered the beating he gave me two weeks before, and it was then I started hollering like the packed auditorium was doing … GO, BOBO, GO!!! … GO, BOBO, GO!!!

They fought tooth and nail. Hand to hand. Hold to hold. Maneuver to maneuver. It seemed like both men were fighting with every ounce of strength in their bodies. Bobo Coco-butted Tolos at about the 58-minute mark of the 60-minute match and knocked him into the second row of ringsiders. Chris spent the next few moments picking toothpicks out of his body and finally got upright, only to be met by Bobo , who had left the confines of the three ring ropes. Rights and lefts, open hands, a few boots, and then Bobo finally threw Tolos back into the ring. The bell rang, ending the match, or so the referee thought. Bobo grabbed the microphone out of the announcer's hands and said, "I didn't come all the way here to Mansfield to have a draw with this guy … not after what he did to my buddy ... GIVE US FIVE MORE MINUTES!"

By now, Tolos had tucked his tail between his legs and headed back to the showers. He wanted no more of Brazil. Bobo had vindicated my beating at the hands of Chris Tolos and proved why he was the U.S. Champion.

Percival A. Friend, Retired
The Epitome of Wrestling Managers

2003 BWC Hall of Fame Inductee
2004 CAC Hall of Fame Inductee
2006 LWA Hall of Fame Inductee
2007 TCCW Hall of Fame Honoree

Uncle Basil, Dan Miller & Sputnik Monroe
Uncle Basil Friend , who will turn 77 this week, with Dandy Dan Miller and the late Sputnik Monroe at the Monroe estate south of Daytona Beach. Percival: "We had a wonderful time that day with friends and food."

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